New paper: Travel writings in Republican China

My new paper is out — at least digitally:

Foreign Travel Writings in Republican China.” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Series 3, 1–22.

This article examines a collection of manuscripts of travel writings kept in the National Library of China. Many of the texts are copies of articles and travel accounts published in magazines, papers, or books during the first decade of the Republican period. Although the majority of texts are by Chinese authors, nine of them can be verified as translations from other languages, even though almost no information is available regarding their source texts and original authors. Identifying the sources of the translations permits a better understanding of how this group of writings ended up as a collection. More importantly, we can consider how their content and function changed when they became adopted into an entirely different environment.
Keywords: Travel writing; Republican China; Commercial Press; translation; Xiaoshuo yuebao

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