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Japanese ‘Spies’ along the Silk Road

Putting some of my older publications online: Japanese ‘Spies’ along the Silk Road: British Suspicions Regarding the Second Otani Expedition (1908-09) (Imre Galambos) Japanese Religions, Vol. 35, 1& 2(2010): 33-61 Abstract: The beginning of the 20th century saw the Golden … Continue reading

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Aurel Stein – Flowers to Lajos Lóczy

Last summer we were at Lake Balaton in western Hungary and decided to take a day trip to the Balatonarács cemetery to visit the grave of the famous Hungarian explorer and geologist Lajos Lóczy (1849-1920). In the West, he is … Continue reading

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Impossible dates in manuscripts

Every now and then we come across impossible dates in Chinese manuscripts and inscriptions, which refer to years in reign periods that never existed. The common explanation for these is that the place where the manuscript was written was remote … Continue reading

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Criticism of Chen Mengjia by fellow scholars

Reading on the history of simplified characters I came across a small book called 1957年文字改革辩论选辑 (Shanghai: Xin zhishi, 1958) which contains a series of articles from contemporary periodicals about the writing reform. I was surprised to find two vicious articles … Continue reading

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Chinese seals found in Ireland

A while ago I published an article called “The story of the Chinese seals found in Ireland” (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2008, 18: 465-479) about a group of Chinese porcelain seals discovered in different locations throughout Ireland during the … Continue reading

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