Orthography of Early Chinese Writing

Here is a full downloadable copy of my book: Galambos 2006 – Orthography of early Chinese writing. I am planning to put online an errata but at this moment I only have the PDF of the book itself. Here is also the full bibliographical information:

Imre Galambos
Orthography of Early Chinese Writing: Evidence from Newly Excavated Manuscripts
Budapest: Department of East Asian Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, 2006.

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  2. sharon Ren says:

    Accidently I found your website. It shocked me so much that I have kept reading 3 hours. I worked on Chinese stone tablets(steles, 碑刻) a lot and some other Chinese folk documents (家谱、契约、方志等)。Honestly, your research makes me blush on mine. Even I am native Chinese speaker, your work shows I have so many to study.

    Thanks a lot for your contribution to traditional Chinese Manuscript!

  3. Thank you for making the book available. Fascinating stuff, and I shall revisit many times. For several years I have been fond of a little book published years ago, with which you are probably familiar: 正草隶篆四体字典.

    There have been other books I’ve read since I acquired the first copy (since replaced twice due to wear and tear). But few so obsessively. Yours definitely deserves similar attention.

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