Sinological resources online

These are the online resources I use on a daily basis. I thought it would be useful to have them together rather than finding them through bookmarks (which are unavailable on public machines anyway).

Guoyu cidian 國語辭典

Yitizi zidian 異體字字典, the link is straight to the radical search (部首所引) page.

Jim Breen’s Japanese dictionary

漢典 zdicnet

IDP (UK site)

British Library Catalogue

Catalogue de la Bibliothèque du Collège de France




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  1. Appreciate if you could assist me to explore earliest Malay Kingdom encounter with Chinese Kingdom be it with Ming Dynasty or others.

  2. shi zhilin says:

    I really want to learn about some information about the expeditions’ adventure activities in Central Asia, who come from Russian Geographical Society.Such as E Goldenberg,Kozlov。

  3. Zhiying Lu says:

    Hello Dr Galambos, Thanks for your generous sharing of your papers. It’s really helpful. I am doing a little bit research on Loulan(楼兰) now, wish to communicate with you if not offend.

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